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Wealth File #1

Wealth File #1:

Rich people believe "I create my life."
Poor people believe "Life happens to me."

If you want to create wealth, it is imperative that you believe that you are at the steering wheel of your own life, especially your financial life. If you don't believe this, then you must inherently believe that you have little or no control over your life. Therefore, you have little or no control over your financial success. This is NOT a rich attitude.

Instead of taking responsibility for what is going on in their lives, poor people choose to play the role of the victim.

How can you tell when people are playing the victim? There are 3 obvious clues:

Victim Clue #1: They Blame
Victim Clue #2: They Justify
Victim Clue #3: They Complain

Sound familiar? Have you ever seen anyone behave like that? Blaming, justifying and complaining are nothing more than stress reducers; misguided attempts to alleviate the stress that comes from failure. Think about it: if a person were not failing in some way, would they need to blame, justify or complain? The obvious answer is NO!

By the way, have you ever noticed that there's no such thing as a really rich victim?
If you have chosen to seek wealth in life, it is imperative that you choose your thoughts and words wisely.

P.S.: There are 17 wealth files that we need to install into our mind. I will share it one by one.

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