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Fiat money or Gold money

Salam semua,

Rasa sudah agak lama juga saya tidak update blog saya ini. Bukan apa macam biasala sibuk dalam menguruskan urusan kerja mahupun urusan perniagaan. Alhamdulillah....baru sahaja bergelar Agen di bawah payung Public Gold, jualan sudah pun mencecah RM20k. Alhamdulillah...rezeki Allah yang melimpah ruah. Saya akan teruskan usaha dalam mendidik dan memberi kesedaran kepada orang ramai tentang simpanan dalam bentuk emas.

So hari ini saya ingin berkongsi satu lagi artikel yang saya perolehi daripada laman web Gold and Silver yang boleh dijadikan panduan dan kesedaran tentang betapa jauhnya perbezaan antara wang kertas (fiat money) berbanding wang emas (gold money). Catatan berikut adalah catatan penuh artikel tersebut. Semoga ia dapat membantu para pembaca semua.

We are often asked to answer the following question:
"What will happen to        (Fill in the blank ---> euro, NZ dollars, AUS dollars, yen, pesos, reales, etc)        currency if the dollar goes to zero?"

The answer over the long term is simple and it's always the same:

Whether, it's euro, yen, pounds, pesos, dollars, etc ---> ALL present day currencies are not backed by anything tangible. Not a single one. This means they are all fiat currencies, they derive their value from a government fiat (declaration). None of them are directly redeemable for tangible items (like they used to be - for example: Gold, Silver, real estate, oil, etc). The fiat currency value formula is as follows: Fiat Currency INTRINSIC VALUE = PAPER & INK
Between Monetary Units, it boils down to 2 real choices... it's:

Paper Fiat Currency

[Created Out of Thin Air - Final Destination -> Worthlessness]
(((There have been thousands of colorful fiat currencies. None have survived!)))


Gold and Silver Money

The following excerpt is from Michael Maloney's #1 Book "Rich Dad's Advisor's Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver":
"Fiat currencies don't usually start out that way, and those rare cases when they have were very short-lived. Societies usually start with high value commodity money such as gold and silver. Gradually, the government hoodwinks the population into accepting fiat currency by issuing paper demand notes that are redeemable in precious metals. These demand notes (currency) are really just "certificates of deposit", "receipts" or "claim checks" on the real money that is in the vault....

1957 Silver Certificate: (One Dollar in Silver Payable To The Bearer On Demand)

Once a government has introduced paper currency, they then expand the currency supply through deficit spending, printing even more of the currency to cover that spending ….. Then, usually due to war or some other national emergency, like foreign governments or the local population trying to redeem their demand notes (bank runs) the government will suspend redemption rights because they don't have enough gold and silver to cover all the paper they have printed, and poof! You have fiat currency."

Modern day Federal Reserve Note: (Paper & Ink)

This has happened with ALL of the World's currencies! They're ALL fiat currency!

So What? What's the Problem? What's the Big Deal?!
This has been done thousands of times throughout history and Every Single Fiat Currency has Died over the long term. That's right... Final Value = Zero... Zilch... Nada
A 100% Failure Rate over the long term!

So to answer the often asked question:
"What will happen to        (Fill in the blank)        currency if the dollar goes to zero?"
This answer's easy ---> THEY ALL GO TO ZERO!
For Us It's Simple: It's Physical Silver & Gold over fiat currency every time!
So which do you prefer? Expiring paper currency or real money that never dies?

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